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Security news updates from the week gone by

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Bangalore biggest target of cyber crimes in 2012 The cyber criminal cell at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has reported that out of all Indian cities, Bangalore faced the most number of cyber crimes in 2012. Close to 400 reported incidents have been witnessed till the end of November in...

Security news updates from the last week

 September 21, 2012

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Microsoft releases ‘Fix it’ tool for IE vulnerability Microsoft has released a temporary “Fix it” tool for the highly publicized Internet Explorer vulnerability. A full IE update will soon be released as well. The security hole exploited Internet Explorer users when they visited a malicious website and installed a trojan...

How to avoid the latest Java 0-day vulnerability

 August 30, 2012

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Java application software has always been extremely vulnerable due to its cross-platform nature. Exploits developed for this software platform can be used to affect various computer systems across diverse computing environments. Now, a new 0-day vulnerability is being exploited by attackers and this is causing mayhem across the computer security...

Quick Heal 2013 and Sandboxing ensure comprehensive protection

 August 27, 2012

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The advent of Web 2.0, social engineering and widespread Browser Exploit Packs (BEP) has led to the rise of a large amount of threats while browsing the Internet. When one surfs the web and types an address in the URL bar, the website appears. Potentially, it can bring many unwanted...

Microsoft April-2012 Patch Tuesday Released

 April 11, 2012

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Microsoft has released six bulletins covering a total of 11 vulnerabilities. Seven of this month’s issues are rated ‘Critical’ and they affect Internet Explorer, .NET, and Windows. The remaining issues affect Internet Explorer, Windows, Forefront Unified Access Gateway, and Office. The following vulnerabilities has rated “Critical”: MS12-023- Cumulative Security Update...

Microsoft March-2012 Patch Tuesday Released

 March 14, 2012

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Microsoft has released six bulletins covering a total of seven vulnerabilities. Only one of this month’s issues is rated ‘Critical’ and it affects the Remote Desktop Protocol. The remaining issues affect the Windows kernel, DNS Server, Expression, Visual Studio and Windows. The following vulnerabilities are rated “Critical”: MS12-020 – Vulnerabilities...

Surfing the Internet the secure way with browser sandbox

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 November 1, 2011

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PC’s today are mostly victims of infections caused by visiting infected websites that drop malware codes. Even though we have website reputation checks implemented by all anti-malware software, there is always a slight chance that the user may visit a newly infected website that has not yet been classified as...

Microsoft October2011 Patch Tuesday Released

 October 12, 2011

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Microsoft has released 8 security bulletins covering a total of 23 vulnerabilities for software such as Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Silverlight, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Forefront United Access Gateway and Microsoft Host Integration Server. 6 out of the 8 bulletins are rated ‘Important’, while 2 are rated ‘Critical’. Some of the...

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-057

 August 11, 2011

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Microsoft has released two Critical updates: MS11-057 (Internet Explorer): This security update resolves 5 privately reported vulnerabilities and 2 publicly disclosed vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer. The most severe of these vulnerabilities could allow remote code execution if a user views a specially crafted webpage using Internet Explorer. Microsoft is not...